Donna Goddard



 Donna Goddard

Donna Goddard has a deep love of God and her fellow humankind, and

a lifelong interest in understanding the causes of human suffering. From

this love and understanding she shares with you the universal truths of two

lesser known spiritual pathways. The Love of Being Loving brings healing,

courage, serenity and happiness.





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NEWS - JUST RELEASED     The Love of Devotion 


The Love of Devotion is based on devotion to Good. You will find it good for your soul, mind, and heart. It will bring you healing, love, and wisdom. The Love of Devotion is founded on the teachings of Devotional Nonduality and similar teachings aligned with spiritual devotion and the transforming power of the Divine.


This book will bless you in your ongoing search for Truth. It lends a simplicity and clarity to complex spiritual ideas. It will engender a peaceful, light sweetness to your being. We are loved by God, loved into existence. That, in itself, is enough to reassure each one of us of our inestimable worth.