Donna Goddard


 You can read the first few chapters of The Love of Being Loving by following this link.


 Donna Goddard

Donna Goddard has a deep love of God and her fellow humankind, and

a lifelong interest in understanding the causes of human suffering. From

this love and understanding she shares with you the universal truths of two

lesser known spiritual pathways. The Love of Being Loving brings healing,

courage, serenity and happiness.


Reviews include:

“This book seems a landmark for its ability to describe the universality of

Truth, Spirit, and God. Donna Goddard has highlighted in such a simple,

easy to read way, fundamental spiritual principles and shows that the road

to understanding is fairly basic and very much the same. Love might be the

word to sum it up." (U.S.)


“I feel God’s love in Donna Goddard’s book. The book speaks to the heart. It makes me better understand my purpose here on earth. The book embodies courage, simplicity, and humility, as well as profound spiritual maturity and independence. When reading it, I feel light-hearted." (Germany)


“I have been searching for many years and this book has done it for me.

There is a definite shift in my level of consciousness." (Australia)




The Love of Being Loving

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Quotes from The Love of Being Loving:


Forgiving is easier when we understand that forgiving someone else means that we are freeing ourselves of an unnecessary burden.


To understand the love of being loving, radically changes us.


When we maintain a conscious connection with Gratitude, our presence will naturally radiate a certain beauty and undisturbed, inner tranquillity. Such individuals glow. They look beautiful and seem irresistible to those who value goodness. They have an attractor field of loveliness which, likewise, tends to bring out the beauty in other people.

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